Sponsors and Support

SAGA is a non-profit organization and, thus, in need of all the support it can receive.

We are very happy to be supported by:


The City of Stockholm

The City of Stockholm (Stockholm Stad) is invested in promoting culture and arts, as well as gender equality. Their support has been fundamental in SAGA’s progress and we are very thankful for that.

For more information, about the City of Stockholm, visit: www.stockholm.se


Bio Rio

Bio Rio is an established cinema theater since the ’40s that is located in Hornstull, central Stockholm. Bio Rio is one of the four Swedish cinemas that has introduced the ”A-mark” certification stamp for movies that pass the Bechdel Test (see ”A-mark”). This is exactly why SAGA is very happy and proud to be collaborating with a cinema that shares our values and cares about women’s representation on screen! The SAGA Film Festival 2015 will take place at Bio Rio in October.Rio_logga_svart_ifylld 2

For more information about Bio Rio, visit: www.biorio.se



ABF is one of the biggest educational organizations in Sweden. ABF offers study circles, seminars, culture programs and adult education programs and has a democratic and participatory focus. ABF Stockholm has helped SAGA from day 1, by, amongst others, providing us with event venues, a platform for knowledge exchange an growth, access to seminars, and others.

For more information about ABF, visit: www.abfstockholm.seABF_logo_ellips_RED



Gärigheter is a DJ collective based in Stockhom that embrace ethnic diversity and multi-cultural backgrounds and work for an equal music scene. The summer of 2015 was the preimiere for Gärigheter’s own club, Very Important Punani, in Malmö and around, to celebrate ”gäris” – your mother, sister, girlfriend and so on – everywhere. SAGA is proud to collaborate with a sister-organisation in the field of arts. For more information about Gärigheter, find and like them on facebook to stay connected with their upcoming projects!

For more information about Gärigheter, visit:  facebook.com/garigheter.FRILAGD LOGGA



The Peruvian Embassy

The Peruvian Embassy in Sweden, Stockholm, provides useful information for bilateral and international relationships between Peru and Sweden. In order to show Peru to the world and mainly to Sweden and Scandinavia, the Peruvian embassy provides information on the historical, economic and social background of Peru and last but not least the major cultural wealth the country offer. SAGA is proud to be collaborating with the Peruvian embassy in order to get the opportunity to support female directors internationally and show to our Stockholm audiences films that without the Peruvian Embassy’s help never would have reached Sweden.

For more information about The Peruvian Embassy, visit: peruembassy.seLOGO EMBA




Do you want to support us?

Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@sagafilmfestival.com!

There are so many ways you can show your support! For example, it can be funds, collaborations, spreading the word to your local filmmakers community, services related to non-profit organizations, holding a speech about gender representation, and other.