SAGA Stockholm International Women’s Film Festival 2015

SAGA will take place at BIO RIO, 24-25 October, Hornstull Strand 3, Stockholm.

SAGA Stockholm International Women’s Film Festival, is a weekend film festival that celebrates films with women behind the camera from all over the world. Films with women behind the camera refer mainly to films that have women as directors, producers, writers, cinematographers or composers. These are the kind of films that constitute a largely underrepresented category of films available to the public. We are very proud to announce that the second year of SAGA will take place at Bio Rio in Hornstull the 24-25th of October.

As Bio Rio is one of the four Swedish cinemas that has introduced the ”A-mark” certification stamp for movies that pass the Bechdel Test, SAGA is happy to be collaborating with a cinema that shares our values and cares about women’s representation on the big screen” says the president of the SAGA Film Festival, Therese Charalambidis.

During the weekend, SAGA will screen 33 films from 14 different countries, divided into eight different film categories that each will present a theme of their own. ”My body, my experience”, ”Growing up”, ”Mothers and daughters” and ”Red Zone” are some examples of the different sections presented at the festival, that will tell both real and fictional stories by women and raise questions about adoption, taboos, body-image, relationships, freedom and much more!

This year’s SAGA Stockholm International Women’s Film Festival is happy to be supported by the city of Stockholm, ABF, the Peruvian Embassy, Gärigheter and Bio Rio.

To request interviews and further information, please contact:

Luna Nilsdotter, press officer and vice president,