Filmfrukost – Alone (Solos)

Scandinavian premiere in collaboration with the Peruvian Embassy in Stockholm, hosted by the SAGA Stockholm International Women’s Film Festival, as a special event and part of Bio Rio’s regular “Filmfrukost” events.
Tickets: 160 SEK including breakfast!


Four young people travel with a mobile cinema and flopped art-house film to remote villages in the jungles of Peru. Charming reflection on cinema, life, friendship and loneliness; beautifully shot by the brilliant Chilean Inti Briones. The world premiere of the second film by the maker of the successful Casadentro (2012). The engaging road-movie Solos came about from a need to make a film with a free form following Joanna Lombardi’s award-winning debut Casadentro, and also to talk about filmmaking; about what it’s like to see a film disappear from cinemas within seven days after working on it for years. Solos is about four thirty-somethings who travel through the Peruvian jungle from village to village to show a film in the open air, without cinemas and untouched by Hollywood.


We don’t get to find out what film it is, nor is it clear why hardly anybody comes up to watch the free shows. Instead, Solos shows the journey the four make, filmed by cameraman Inti Briones with great feeling for detail. The interaction between the three men in the woman is very powerful and their (improvised) dialogues are impressive. In their conversations in the car on the road or in the evening beside their tent as they camp, refined nonsense shifts seamlessly into the major questions of life. Nature functions all the time as a benevolent backdrop and also provides the restful soundtrack.


About the filmmaker

In 2009, the script of her first feature film Casadentro won the Ibermedia for the Development of Cinematographic Goods prize and later the Production prize given by Conacine, the state cinematographic help in Peru. Later, in 2011, through the same institution won the prize for Distribution. In 2012, Casadentro won the Gold Zenith in the Montreal festival and also the prize of the international critics FIPRESCI. The movie traveled through many festivals around the world: Spain, India, Brazil, Switzerland, among others.

In 2011 she wrote and directed her fourth short film “A Woman” That was part of the official selection of the prestigious Latin-American Movie Festival In La Habana, Cuba. In 2009 she wrote and directed the short film “De Noche”, winner of the extraordinary competition for short movies Conacine 2009 as best short film, best actress and best direction.


Country: Peru
Time: 92 min
Production year: 2015
Name of director: Joanna Lombardi



Tickets to ”Filmfrukost”: 160 SEK including breakfast!

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