Entries FAQ

In here we have gathered all you need to know before submitting your film.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us at entries@sagafilmfestival.com

1.What is the submission period?

6th April – 6th July

2. What types of films will be accepted?

Short films, feature films, documentaries, animation, children’s and experimental films.

A-marked films, that is films that pass the Bechdell Test ( Bechdell Test=does the movie include two named female characters talking to each other about something else than men? ) are especially welcome! Find out more about a-marked films at www.a-markt.se.

3. Can men send in films?

We anticipate that all films submitted will have women directors, screenwriters and producers. However, you may send in a film as a male filmmaker as long as there are women behind the camera that affect significantly your film’s narration.

4. How do I submit my film?

The best way to submit a film is by uploading your film on Vimeo and sending the web link (you fill in the link in the entry form). You can fill in the entry form online, but you may also download the entry form file, fill it in, sign it, and send it to entries@sagafilmfestival.com. We do not accept physical copies of films. If there is no way to upload your film, please contact us!

5. Does it have to be a new film?

No, films with a production date of 2011 or later will be accepted.

6. Can I send in a film that has already been showed in other festivals?

Yes, the film may have been shown in other festivals, as long as it has not been screened in Stockholm, Sweden.

7. What are the language/ subtitles requirements?

Films should be in the original language and subtitled in English (i the original language is not English)

8. When will I know if my film will be shown at SAGA?

All filmmakers will be notified by September 1st, 2015.

9. Is there any entry fee?

No, there is no entry fee.

10. Do you offer screening fees?

No, we don’t offer any screening fee for showing the selected films.

11. Who do I contact if I have any further questions?


We look forward to show your film in our 2nd Saga Film Festival edition, in October 2015 at Bio Rio!