A Women Behind the Camera Film Festival Featuring Women-Behind-The- Camera Films a celebration of gender equality ethnic diversity and art!

SAGA, Stockholm International Womens’ Film Festival, is a weekend film festival that celebrates the women-behind-the-camera films from all over the world.

Women-behind-camera films refer mainly to films that have women as directors, producers, writers, cinematographers or composers. Such films constitute a largely underrepresented category of films available to the public.

Our Goals:

  • to offer the film-going community a way to see local and international ”women driven” films which they would not otherwise see
  • to support women filmmakers, directors, writers, editors, producers and composers, especially those just emerging from film schools
  • to offer women in the industry a way to network and strengthen professionals ties
  • to support Svenska Filminstitutet’s endeavors to address the under-representation of women in the film industry
  • to challenge the limited, stereotypical, traditional presentations of men and women in film

  • to promote Stockholm and Sweden internationally


Our vision: A gender equal film world!